A Perfect Day!

It was a great evening on the hook two nights ago, it was pretty cold but not Minneapolis cold!  Skip got up early, as he usually does because he goes to bed at dark and gets up before five in the morning.  He has become quite the river captain!!


One of the boats, Caeruleus sent us a picture that morning of our boat in the fog!  It was a beautiful morning if you could see it!!! 🤣🤣🤣


Plus we got another picture from the boat “Frat House”


I will always be so thankful and blessed for this experience!

Skip changed the oil in the boat today and washed the boat!  I washed the clothes and did some cleaning but tomorrow I have to do some major organization and cleaning!

We had a wonderful Mexican dinner with Tom and Patty tonight!!!  They are wonderful!!!


Night Y’all!!!  Back to Channel 16!


No Mutiny Today!!!


We left Columbus Marina at 6:30 this morning because Tom wanted to get ahead of the other boats through the lock before the other boats!  Well guess what???  We were in the lock and had to wait on ten other boats to arrive and it was 45 degrees and I did not have my coffee, plus we did not get out of the lock until a little after eight!!!  I was still happy because we are on the move!  Life is good! We traveled 60 miles and two locks and are currently anchored in Cook’s Bend with seven other boats!  It was a great day to travel because I turned on the Sea Power and the heater so I stayed toasty warm all day except for lock detail!!!

Here is a portion of our floatilla at Cook’s!  It’s quiet and pretty, and I have two bars on my phone so I am not without WiFi, plus it’s free docking!!!


Life is good on the river.  We are anchored good, we have the generator ready for the next chill, and leftovers for dinner!

Back to Channel 16!



Another Change of Plans!

We NEVER left Columbus Marina!  Rainy weather was expected and Skip was waking me up asking if we should stay or go…I think I first said no let’s go, but given the chance on my go decision, had something gone wrong, I would have NEVER heard the end of it!!!  So we stayed, but we really should have gone!!!  Some drizzle and overcast and we could have easily and comfortably gotten to where we are going!!!   I am just the admiral, the Captain does the driving…I am not ready for mutiny!!!  😀😀😀

Today was pretty boring, I much prefer being on the move, but I did Christmas shopping on Amazon for the grandkids and nephews!!!!  It’s just like last October being in Minneapolis and I was worried about presents for the kids, so I shopped on Amazon, and when I got home I had to figure out what packages are to who, wrap them, then figure out what I was going to cook and shop for Christmas Eve festivities at my house!!  Done this drill before, I can do it again!!!  I just look forward to the kids and the excitement in their faces and the time with family and friends!!!

This afternoon we were alerted to Docktails (a time to grab a cocktail, hand out boat cards, and visit with people) going on The Loop or other similar trips!

A great time and lots of people, which have boats…also reminds me of Minnesota, when the geese are in V Formation traveling South this time of year!!!


I want to go anchor our tomorrow and get underway!  This marina is an absolutely wonderful marina, Steve and Mitch are incredible and make the great marina even greater!!!  I would highly recommend staying here!!!

If we do not leave here tomorrow, it will be mutiny, I have my eye on this boat that I may have to take off in!!!  I haven’t told the owner yet but I am sure they will understand!!!  It’s an absolutely beautiful boat but I love my little boat!!!


🤣🤣🤣🤣 And I do love my Captain Skip!!!!

Back to Channel 16!


Not Much to Report Today!

We are still at Columbus Marina!  Tom, Kenny, and Skip wanted to play golf, so guess what we had to stay another day so the guys could play golf.  Sherry, Kenny’s wife was the shuttle driver, I rode along!!!  Sherry and I did a quick grocery run then back to the boat for quiet time!!!

I put away groceries and did some cleaning!  We are all ready to go in the morning!  Diesel, water, and ice!!!

Tomorrow night we have another cove to drop anchor in, so you probably will not see a blog post from me tomorrow night!  This waterway does not have the best cell reception but it does have rattlesnakes!!!

If anyone is trying to get ahold of us it probably  will not happen!!!  We are getting closer to the Gulf!!!  I am getting excited!!!  I can amost smell the salt water!!!

Well that’s all for tonight!  Will report back soon!

Back to Channel One Six!


OH, and happy birthday Eva our oldest granddaughter, she turned 18 today!!!!

Another Long Day!!!!

So yesterday I wrote my blog, went to save it and nothing happened!!!!  It was so dissaponting after spending time updating!  Anyway I will do some DEJA VU! LOL, VUJA DE translates to I’ve never done this!!!😅😅😅

So yesterday was a three lock day!!!  The biggest was we have ventured us up 94 feet,  this was a little 84 feet down!  We look like itty bitty tiny boats at the bottom!


We are traveling with a floatilla of boats, we started off with nine or ten, we ended up with eleven by the second lock!  Here is some of the flotilla!


By the second and third lock other boats had joined so we tied up to another boat so other boats could fit in the lock, but yesterday, before we got in the lock, sometimes we had to wait for barge traffic, so Tom dropped anchor and we tied up to him, here we are to wait!!?


Now to today!!!!  It was another morning too early to get up and go…which is fine because I went to bed early, thank goodness and God, because Skip’s friend Tom got out of the lock this morning and gave his boat the gas that almost put us in the Swamp!  I do not have any pictures of the horrible mess he left behind!!!! EVERY thing, in the cabin was on the floor including pots and pans out of the cabinet!!!

I was beyond angry because some people do not think about situational awareness, and how you actions effect others?? I think I am now over it or am really trying hard to be!!!

Then, just after that lock, and the Tom incident, the Captain of the boat named Dixie was just ahead of us, he was kind, courteous, and hailed out every deadhead, deer swimming over the river, and a six foot rattlesnake crossing  by!  I do believe there are great kind hearted people in the world!  He restored my confidence in human civility!!!

The coolest thing he called out was  this six foot rattlesnake crossing!!!?


I do belive the moral of the story here is to consider others, have a good heart, do always to help others, do not always look forward to where you are going to and never forget what is behind, like a BIG wake!!!

Back to Channel One Six!


Number Two Won!!!

Thanks to everyone for your love and support!!!  I was so happy this morning when Skip was pulling back all the curtains this morning for a travel day!!!

He is The Captain and I do support all of his decisions, EVEN when it is most difficult!!!!  I of course am still the Admiral but the stagegic planning has fallen far behind what he does for me and the boat????  Tonight he not only cooked dinner, he did the laundry also!!!!

It has pretty  much rained all day,  but tonight we are safely tucked into Bay Springs Marina in New Site, MS.  I could never capture the fog and rain and really,,Life doesn’t get any better from my view!


Some days I just crack myself laughing because I am not sure where I am or where I am, or where I will be tomorrow and I’m okay with that!!!!

Back to Channel One Six!