A Very Nice Day!

We did not do any traveling today, I slept till about nine which was great because I stayed up till 1:38 AM watching Steel Magnolia’s on Netflix.  That is such a great movie!!!  Hey, I actually got up before Skip which is a rarity!

After breakfast (Lox & Bagels) Skip started planning our next few weeks, plus rented a golf cart for a couple of days.  I was planning my pedicure appointment, getting ice, and finding out where the Spa is!

John came over this morning to visit with Skip and have some coffee.  John was looking for a good deal on slips, there are many in the area because the water is beautiful, and it is a lake, so no current.  They are going to Kenlake Marina and they kicked off around 11 this morning.  John and Debbie are great traveling companions and I will miss them and hope we cross paths again!!!

I washed our stinky clothes, we have been roughing it and this is our first marina with LAUNDRY!!!  Hallelujah!  

So my appointment is at 3 PM, we get our golf cart around one.  We go for a quick tour around about two and then he drops me off for my much needed pedicure!  OH, it was wonderful!!!  My legs are so mosquito bitten, scratched, and bruised, plus all my polish was growing out!!! I let them know upon signing in that I needed special pampering and I definitely got it….I am so happy with my day!

Skip’s planning did us good!  We are getting a rental car on Monday and going to Pittsburgh to visit the family and the new great granddaughter for a couple of days, then take off to Florida for home for a couple of days, then back here to the boat.  Skip made a great deal with the Marina manager and we are good with our plan.  Bill the manager did make us move our boat to the Blow Boat (Sail Boat) dock which is just fine unless the wind blows and they start clanging a lot but there has been very little wind.img_1215-e1534562021684.jpg

Also there is a yacht club here, Skip did not bring his sports coat, only a cammo sweat shirt and I only have shorts and t-shirts, so I guess we are not going there tonight!


Skip went for a dinghy ride at sunset and I was finally afforded the opportunity to cook dinner…I am a much better cook but let’s keep that a SECRET from Skip!!!!


All is well in the world, I thank GOD every day for our blessings and great travels.  We are so fortunate in SO VERY MANY WAYS!

Oh and of blessings, we are across from a dock that sounds just as ranbunctious as we all were/are on a Friday Night!  Miss you Pier Two Peeps, you are all among our many blessings!  Hope you all are doing great!!!

Back to Channel One Six,






We Made it to Green Turtle Bay!

I must have lost track of days because Wednesday, I totally forgot to track our stats from week four of our trip and now we are on week five:

Nautical Miles – 800.8

Average Speed – 6.5 knots

Top Max Speed – 15.7 and that’s when we overtook the barge, quite some time ago.  That was on the beginning of our trip and I find it hard to believe that we have been doing this trip for over a month now.


Another long day of travel.  We launched early again back on the Ohio River and then into the Cumberland River.  The Cumberland is more narrow than the Ohio and Mississippi and I was hoping that we would not meet up with a barge….And we did as we were going around the corner of the river…It was kind of scary but we made it narrowly.

The landscape is very flat, no more limestone cliffs, but they do have a big rock production shipping in barges.  We saw more people working along the banks today on the Cumberland than any other river.  These Kentucky men are working hard!


We also went UNDER another bridge on the Cumberland that we have been OVER countless of times.  Interstate 24 again but this time under on the Cumberland!

CumberlandBridgeThen of course after the I24 was a second second blue bridge about 30 minutes from this one , then another 30 minutes was the dreaded Barklay Lock and Dam, which had a rise of 57 feet and has floating bollards!!  Now the bollards are a piece of  cake, I am actually getting pretty good with the ropes because of the great instructions from my  Skipper!!!   I got the line over the bollard on the first try then held on while we floated up and 57 feet of the water coming in slowly.  When we were up and the gates opened into Lake Barklay, I flicked the rope right off the bollard, yelled clear and off we go to the marina!  Yea!!!


Now enough about my excellent  boating skills, because I failed at getting the anchor up a few days ago while we were on the hook.  Skip was up earlier than me and drew me a diagram of how to assist him on getting the anchor up.  I have to get up on the bow of the boat with the hook, get the black buoy, and pull it up to the top of the boat along with the rope which is attached to the anchor while he uses the windlass which automatically brings up the anchor.  The purpose of the whole exercise and diagram was to keep the anchor chain aligned with the windlass.

Here is HIS diagram:


Here is MY  diagram, I got the buoy up to the boat then dropped it!  A BIG WHOOPS!  The whole problem with HIS diagram was that he did not draw stick figures, thats why I dropped the ropes!!!

Anchor2Well it has been another long day, blessed without any mishaps, and we are tired.  Skip especially, he is working SO hard to make this trip a success,!

Back to Channel One Six,


Guess What? We Haven’t Left Paducah???

I did some research last night and discovered that Walmart is closer to the marina here than  at the resort, so a change of plans.  I really need to get things straightened out here before our next destination.

We stayed tied up all day with electric, which was a blessed change from how we have been boat camping.  We took by Lyft around 11:30 this morning with John and Debbie.  Our driver was delightful, her name was Jennifer and she was wonderful, of course there was a lot of talk along the way and she suggested a walk from the Marina to a place called Max’s Brick Oven Cafe and it was delicious, Skip and I just got back from dinner.

Now about Paducah, it is at the confluence of the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers.  Twenty blocks of the downtown area have been designated as a historic area and it is such a quaint little downtown area with a historic and artsy feel. It has conblestones and brick roads.

First it was occupied by the Chickasaw Native Americans, then of course by the European’s who overtook the land.  The town was eventually laid out by William Clark and he named the town for the Comanche people known at the time as Padoucas.

Later at the time of the Civil War, Kentucky tried to take a neutral stance but eventually Ulysses S Grant responded by the occupation of Paducah and it served as a a massive supply depot.  Now here is an interesting thing in December of 1862, the Union ordered out the Jewish families out of the town because they suspected they were involved in the cotton and slave trading.  Cesar Kaskel an prominent Jewish business man dispatched a telegram to President Lincoln and met with him.  There were many complaints about the discrimination and Lincoln lifted the order within a few weeks.

There was also a battle here with Nathan Bedford Forrest who raided Kentucky, he wanted to disrupt the Union, resupply, steal their horses so he did.  He did raid, resupply, get some horses, and disturb the Union but Forrest returned back to fight in other battles claiming that he held Paducah for 10 hours and drove the Union to their gunboats but he forgot some horses.  Forrest thought he got all the horses but discovered through the news paper that he missed the Union hiding 140 horses, so he sent Admiral Bulford back to get them!

Unfortunately most  buildings post date the Civil War because they were destroyed.   As you walk down the Riverwalk there are murals of art picturing the history along with the stories of the pictures, now to the Artsy Part, they did not have it the right order as I would have done it, obviously, I WAS NOT THE PROJECT MANAGER, IT WOULD BE IN ORDER!!!!

PadWallI would have started out with the Chickasaws, but no, they were further down the middle!!!!

PadChick1PadChick2Here is more of the town in the old days:

PadRiverPadMarketPadTownThis is for my favorite Firemen, Ryan Murray, Greg Harris and Jonathan Crews:


Later this afternoon when another storm was about to kick up, a Ranger Tug pulled up and Skip got out to help them in.  They were an attractive couple in a boat that is just the size of our boat, I went out to visit…Skip said, “Guess what?  They have two kids onboard!!!”

The highlight of my day was visiting with the four and a half  year old little girl and the two year old little boy.  As they were going out to dinner, they stopped by,  the little girl told me that our boats were very similar and then she started calling out to me every detail of  what was alike, her attention for detail was incredible, and I will bet her boating skills are better than mine! :  )

The visit with the cute kids definitely made me miss our family!  We are definitely having a wonderful time and it is probably time to go the Kentucky Lakes, rent a car and go visit the kids and new great grand daughter!

Back to Channel 16!  We are so blessed, thanks for following!!!!



A Long Day!

We left a little after seven this morning and arrived to The Paducah City Marina a little after seven this evening!  The delay was three hours plus at Lock 52!  Remember commercial traffic goes first.  We just went in circles for hours.  We were getting a little worried that we might have to motor in the dark.  Luckily the lock master announced to the tug captains going North that he was going to give the two pleasure boats a lift up!  It was my fist lift up, all the way down the Mississippi it was a lift down.  At one point I told Skip I’m tired of waiting, let’s shoot the rapids!  There are about 20 barges going North tonight and at least one to two hours to get each through, so thank you Mr Lock Master!

Over the years Skip and I have traveled by car countless of times over the Ohio River on this bridge, today we got to go under the bridge!


Thank goodness we got here and all tied up because the sky broke loose and the winds and waves were high!


74389C9F-1958-4DE7-8839-6F0F473AB858The canvas actually blew off the top of John and Debbie’s boat!  They will be boating topless!!!  Actually the canvas did not go in the water so we will help them salvage before casting off.

Tomorrow we are going to Green Turtle Bay Resort!  I am so excited, they have a spa!!!!  I was dreaming of a pedicure but I read their services menu and I may have to make a day of it!

The marina here is okay, no restrooms or anything but ELECTRICITY!  They also have Lyft and a Walmart, so we have to stock up!

Over and out, back to Channel One Six!


PS, the fun is unending!

On the Ohio River!

We are officially off the Muddy Mississippi and on to the Ohio River to Paducah, KY!

Last night was another on the hook night, no electric and no cell service but as usual we were very comfortable!

One of the best things about this boat is that when you are underway during the day it heats up the water.  Also, we have Sea Power, so we turned on the engine and had a bit of air conditioning, it was a perfect evening!  My shower was nice and warm and as usual Skip made a great dinner, all is well in the world!

16DCB7BA-4845-4A4A-AC9A-7612D761BF75The only uneasy part about being on anchor is that you worry about the anchor holding and do not drift out into the channel and get hit by a huge barge!

We kicked off at 7:11 this morning going through Cairo, IL and listening to the tug captains talk on the radio…They must be from the South, I hear the accents I have missed!

4C8F1413-4312-4FDD-A9FF-5D06922B1C06Three days of no marinas was fun but the boat needs a good wash, trash is piling up, I need Diet Coke, and a pedicure!

B737DB26-D73E-4324-9CCC-C8C1A2FC8E19I am looking forward to our next stop!  I am most grateful for Clay telling Skip where to anchor over the past three days!  He was a God send! THANKS CLAY!  We have made it out of the Boonies!!!!

Back to Channel 16!


I’m Back!

That would be back to blogging but not out of the Boonies!

Last night we tied up to the outside wall of the Kaskaskia River Lock and Dam.  No electric and no cell service.  We did have Surf and Turf for dinner!

18F8D5FD-EEBB-4870-9BF9-554DA7E7AE1440272E90-2BEC-4363-9958-1F5628BC5016Tonight we are staying on a diversion canal South of Cape Girardeau, MO., anchored out, no electric but I have cell service!!!!!  My view for the evening:


There was a ton of barge traffic today.  I saw the largest barge ever, seven wide and seven deep.  It was huge and put up a big wake!

282D57EF-D6C1-4624-AA9D-6380A0EDBFBFI am signing off for the day!!!  Back to Channel 16.


I Need My Head Examined!

I do not know why I was in such a rush to leave the spa like settings of Alton Marina and end up at Hoppie’s Marina which is a barge with a couple of out buildings located on the River.  Plus they charge $1.50 per foot?????  Alton was a buck a foot.

Welcome to the Redneck Riviera!!!DFD5D36D-E10A-4B98-B5A7-2FF5DE867C521A576222-D560-4372-9515-B33A38880596246E3C6C-168F-4DD5-9377-900815E92E1CAND NO WIFI!!!!!!  Luckily I have two bars on my phone so I can share what it’s like being on an episode of Lifestyle’s of the Rich and Famous!!!!

We were up at six this morning listening to Channel 14, the lock channel, monitoring when we could get a lift down.  We only had about an hour wait after we left the marina and we finally made it through Mel Price, Lock 26.  Lock 27 was a piece of cake, we locked through with a passenger paddle boat!  We were the first out and the passengers on the decks all waved us goodbye!  It was so cute!

This way to the Lock 27!


St. Louis and the Arch!


44 miles today and two locks.  Debbie and John following up the rear!

F87FB4F5-D428-430F-948C-F6EB36D9A53FReporting live from the Riviera!

Trudi aka Robin Leach

PS, it only gets worse after this stop!