I Finally Have Another Boat!!!

I have been like a fish out of water, a ship without sails, totally lost!  Today I am happier than a clam at high tide!!!!  We signed the paperwork to transfer the Eagle 40’6” length, 14’6” beam, and 4’6” draft boat currently named Betty Lee, she will become the next Will Sea?!!!!

So eventually we will take off on our next adventure!!!  Not sure when or where, although I HAVE to complete the loop!

Here are two clams at high tide:


This is a beautiful big boat and I just love my extra space!

A big thanks to Betty and Bob for selling us your boat!  This has been a great, smooth transaction!  Plus meeting them has been such a pleasure!  I hope we always keep in touch!  Here is Betty at our celebration lunch!  She is a delightful person, full of stories and adventures…she is 10 years older than me and puts me to shame with her activities!


So, Bob took off yesterday with his “boat load” of boat stuff and Skip and I show up with a “boat load” of boat stuff today!

We are just so blessed and happy as any clam could be!!!

Back to Channel One Six!!!




Merry ChristmasTo All

It has been a crazy two weeks since we arrived home…

Skip spent an entire day hauling all of our stuff off the boat at our dock into the house!  It was amazing how much we had on that 31 foot boat!  I spent the day finding a place for all the stuff!!!

The following days have been a blur!  Unbox my Amazon boxes that I shopped for along the way for presents, and wrap!  Then it was in the garage to find the Christmas ornaments???  We found the tree, no wreaths, and a few ornaments, oh well!

On Saturday after we got home we had our friends that we met on our boat trip, Amy and Alex, they are the new owners of our boat!


They love the boat and and the Will Sea will go to an adorable couple who will love and take great care of her!

While we wait on the bigger boat to come our way, we will be busy getting the river house ready for sale, which Skip has been steadily working on!

We had a great Christmas Eve here with the family and we have had a wonderful Christmas Day!

We have been so blessed this year and had such a wonderful trip!  I just wanted to tell everyone Merry Christmas.  Thank you God for the birth of your Son, our Saviour!

I will post periodically but land/dirt life is not much to blog about!

Back to Channel 16 and the land line!



We Made it Home!

We left Hutcherson Harbour this morning, and they have a five star rating!  The guest accommodations are the best, they have a courtesy car and they drive you and they take you to all the best places including their friends house for cocktails and the boat parade!  Plus on the morning you leave, the Harbour Master, Bill, takes a picture of you when you leave and he sends it to you!!!


It was absolutely our worst travel day ever!! It was in the fifty degree weather, but with the wind and damp conditions, it was not nice at all!

Then closer to home we get into the shipping channel, it was not pretty the HUGE SHIP’S make us look like a NASA spaces ship looking at the a little street light on earth,😊!   The big ships did not 😪  care, and did not even hail us and ask us what we are we are doing!?

Finally Charlie’s and Susan’s dock and home we passed, wonderful to see the home stretch!’


The hardest of docking has been our own dock? She is so tidal, all the guys were working, and could not help us but Skip as usual handled the boat great and the Will Sea? is tied up nicely!!!


l can not believe we have  actually made it here, our mileage has been high but our fun has been so much higher!’

Back to Channel 16,

Will keep you posted!  On the next adventure!


Someone Is Going To Have To Drag Me Off the Boat Tomorrow!

I am usually upbeat and happy, but right now I need some antidepressants!!!  It hit me like a wave today that this trip home will be over tomorrow and I DON’T WANT IT TO BE!!! I just don’t want to stop, I want to continue the travels, I want my bed to rock every night, I want to keep boating and right now I want to quit crying!

We have been living on this little boat since June third, we left Minnesota on July eleventh and I have seen so much, laughed so much, met so many wonderful people, learned so much history, and Skip has helped me improve my boating skills which still needs improvement!!!  One of the biggest lessons is how to live in a tiny little place day after day and love your life and love more, he who leaves life with the most stuff often looses because they are too busy collecting and not seeing all the great areas our country has been collecting and to offer and to see!!!

We have done a lot of European and Asia travel but I am done with that!!!  Now I just want to get home, sell the Florida house, and do this all over again!!!  Our country is unbelievable!!!  The new goal is to head North in Spring or Summer!  I want to see more and have a DO OVER!!!!! Now I am feeling a little better a “do over” as a kid was so much fun as long as you got to do it again, which we plan to!!!

Speaking of kids, here we are at one of our favorite anchorages!!!


We have enjoyed our stay at the Hutcherson’s home and dock!  Skip and Bill have been co workers and friends forever, I have NEVER seen two guys laugh so hard telling jokes and swapping stories!

This morning, we met another great friend Brendon, so we all went to a very nice brunch at The Reef!  It was a really good buffet and I could not eat that much, only one plate, but Skip got our money’s worth by eating six plates!!!

Joe and Mary also came from Interlachen for a visit!!!!

It’s been a very good day although I have been so sad!  I will find a way to get 30 amp power down to the boat ramp at our house so I do not have to get off the boat!

The travels are not over, I am promised a DO OVER!

Back to Channel One Six,



Hutcherson’s Habour!

We are still at the Hutcherson Harbor Marina and what we have not told them at this woundeful marina is that we are going to stay here forever!!!!

They do not know it yet, but we will see if they notice that we have not left!  Hopefully they do not follow my blog !

We had a great day, I actually got to sleep in late and take a non public shower, in a real house, and by the way a really nice one!!!

It just happened to be boat parade night, so here it is:


I meant to publish this last night but had issues with my phone!  OH WELL!

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We’re Getting Closer to Our Home!

Everybody listen to me and return me to my ship!!!  We actually do not want to have this trip to end for a minute!  We have had so much fun, giggles, met so many wonderful people, learned so much history, seen so many towns in the great country that we live in, God Bless America, it is truly beautiful on our waterways and towns along the way which built America commerce and pathways!  I could just cry right now, which I am actually doing!!

On the bright side of the road, we are in historic St Augustine, where our dear friends Bill and Amy Hutcherson live and we are tied up on their dock.  LOL, as we get closer to home, we are on the Friends and Family marina program (LOL, lucky for us they live on the water!)!!!!

Here are a few shots of entering St Augustine:


Then to the best part of the day and probably the entire trip was to tie up to their dock, relax for a bit and Bill comes down to see us and make sure we are okay and have everything we need!  As I have posted before “ The Best Ships are the FriendShips”

Skip and Bill have been friends and coworkers for almost 30 years!  It has been so incredible watching Bill and Amy,  right after I met them, they were younger than us and I have just loved watching them having their kids and it’s crazy because in twenty plus years, the babies grow up!!!  How does that happen???

Their first child  was Olivia, she is a Florida born gal!!!  We all migrated to Minnapolis because of jobs and Amy had another precious girl Rachel!  I got hugs and “I love you” from both of these girls all evening!!! It was a great time!


We have watched them and loved US all growing up!! We have SO many stories to tell!!  And I will not forget to mention Zach, their third child which is off to college. I love him too!!!

Back to Channel 16!


We Almost Home, Bigger Boat, and Hello Renea!

We left a little late this morning around nine, but I got up around seven which is a miracle, and I watched Captain Skip read his news, check the weather, also the marinas and plot the course!  I know I am the Admiral but I do not want to get up that early and figure all that stuff out, so I just leave it to the second in command, THE CAPTAIN!!!!  So we left and coming  out of the marina was an island of birds, mostly pelicans!


Let me go back for a moment, we just so happened to be docked in New Smyrna Dock yesterday by a 40 foot Eagle Trawler, Bob the owner invited us on board and we fell in love with his boat, little hearts, doves, and kisses were in the air!!!  We do love our current boat so very much, she is reliable, easy to handle, and has been so good to us.  We have discovered over the past 3,200 plus miles that if we want to live aboard for the next couple of years,  she may be a little small.  I really have no complaints with Will Sea?, but this is our next boat:


Then underway this morning the Captain let me know that we were going to Palm Coast!!!!  Little did the Captain know that one of my favorite peeps, Renea lives just down the street from the marina!  She and I worked at CSX together for awhile and I finally got to meet her wonderful husband Rob!  Here is me and Renea::


Tomorrow is Saint Augustine, with Bill and Amy!!?  Can’t wait to be at their dock and enjoy their company!

Back to Channel 16!